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    Frequently Asked Question

    Most Frequent Questions And Answers

    How can you ensure that a company is legal or not

    If you want to know the company is legal or illegal you have to check their license is valid or not. You can check whether their approved in labour and Emigration office. We know very well no one have time to follow and check all this, just ask the staff his/her labour id. If it is valid then the company is legal

    How can we trust your staff?

    We choose our staff on highly recommendations, strong contract and honest persons. Moreover you will not be depending on the staff but on the company for which we take full responsibility.

    Is there any contract to sign?

    If you wish you can sign the contract. It’s not necessary to sign contract to hire the staff from us. If you book regularly we will keep the staff for your regular cleaning needs. We will never change or cancel the service unless you call for cancellation.

    Will I get the same cleaner at each visit?

    If you make booking as regular days then we will never change the staff, if you book for some time it’s subject to be availability of your specific staff.

    Do the cleaners speak or understand English?

    We are not promising they can speak fluent English according to the work they speak very well and they understand, read the notes and speak regarding their job.

    What happens if I am not happy with my cleaner?

    You have always option to change your cleaner with or without any reason. Customer satisfaction is our Goal.

    What is the Nationality of cleaners?

    Philippines, Indonesian, Srilankan, Indian, Nepal & Vietnamese.

    Can I choose the particular Staff/Nationality?

    Yes you can.

    What will be the cost the insurance service?

    We are not direct dealer. They will value the property and quote the best price. From our personal experience approximately a property worth of Dhs 50 million they would quote Dhs 12000/-(this amount would vary from time to time)

    How can I make the payment?

    You have to pay one month amount in advance. If any reason you cancel the service the amount will be credited for the next month invoice. If you want to discontinue our service we will return your entire balance amount at the same day of your cancellation. If you wish to pay for every visit, then that too is possible.

    How do you monitor and maintain your cleaning standards?

    We are giving our staff 2 Months training before they go to customer's house for cleaning. Once they start their job, we keeping regular checking every 6 months by our supervisor often going for spot visits to ensure that the cleaning is up to the expected level.

    Can I leave the notes for the cleaners?

    Yes, if you wish to leave notes then our staff will start the work according to your notes.

    I have to pay if I cancel or out of country?

    No charges for the earlier cancellations. But if canceling after our staff reaches your premises, you will be charged for 2hrs.

    Do I need to be at home during the time of cleaning?

    Not necessary. Our staff will do their best.

    Do you provide replacement if my cleaner goes on vacation or becomes ill?

    Yes, Sure if your regular Maid is not well then we will ask you for changing staff if you wish you can have replacement. If she is going for vacation then we will send a staff along with your regular maid for training, the substitute staff will come to clean until your regular maids return.

    Can we leave our keys with your cleaner?

    Yes you can. Actually the key will not be with the cleaners, it will be in our office in a safe locker. The supervisors hand over the the key to the staff only on cleaning days and will collect the key at the time they arrive back in their accommodation.

    What if any damage done by your staff?

    We are giving professional training to each staff for at least 2 months before sending to work so there will no any issue. But however accident would happen and in that case you can claim up to Dhs.1000.

    What if the damage is value more that Dhs 1000/-?

    While booking you will be given option to insure your house and pay. We will do necessary arrangements for the insurance agent and they will value your property and quote accordingly.