Who we are

City Sky Maid was founded over a decade ago in 2004, as a Maid Services company in Dubai providing part time maids on an hourly basis. In the over 15 years that we have been operating in the cleaning service industry, we have provided home help to over ten thousand satisfied customers. And we have gained a wealth of experience along the way. With over a decade of experience and a top notch management team leading over 150 maids, you can count on complete satisfaction every single time you avail our maid services.

Our Staffs

At City Sky Maids, we train our staff to settle for nothing less than perfection. Every one of our maids goes through a rigorous 60 days training schedule before they are deemed ready for work. It is here that they are trained to pay attention to every minute detail and learn to provide nothing but the best home help for you. At the end of the training schedule, our maids are given a Quality Supervisor Certificate to certify that they are ready to work for our customers. Our strict quality control measures ensure that under no situation is a maid without the certificate allowed to work for you. This ensures you are always given the best helpers you can get.

Experience Us

All of our employees are certified professionals whom you can trust completely. Every home we provide our services to will be treated with utmost care and respect, and we take full responsibility to ensure the same.

To experience our specialty services, please call or whatsapp us to place an order at your convenience on 055-3324600 or order online. We will contact you shortly with the confirmation.

Company History


Our story begins in 2004, with the birth of City Sky Maids. Terrified at the prospect of spending the rest of his life in unfulfilling desk jobs, he decides he wants to be the master of his own fate. Pretty soon, opportunity presents itself, and City Sky Maids is born with just 7 maids to start. Service is initially limited to only a few selected parts of Dubai. The company upon foundation is already a success, with a loyal customer base already beginning to form. The journey to the top has officially begun.


Our team of helpers has already grown to 50. Services are now provided all across Dubai. Strong leadership and relentless perfectionism have already brought the company to great heights, but it still shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We have found its footing, and now there is nowhere to go but up.


The company expands into the school-cleaning sector, with four schools already under contract. At this point, city sky maids is one of the first companies to provide its services to world-renowned local landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Sheikh Mohammed Palace and The Address Hotel. In just seven years, what was just one man’s dream has grown into one of the biggest operations in the nation.


As of this writing, the total maid strength has topped 250, and the customers served over ten thousand. The school sector now provides school bus assistants to all the ten schools under contract. The vision that our company set out with over 14 years ago has finally been finally fulfilled. Our company now has a stronghold on Dubai, but now is no time to sit back and relax. We have big plans for the future, and whatever it may hold, we will be ready.


In the very near future, we plan to introduce facility management to our growing list of services provided. We also plan to eliminate the time slots currently in place in favor of around the clock service. Although we have been a leader in the Dubai housekeeping sector, we have yet to expand into the other six emirates. We plan to change that very soon. Once we have consolidated our operations in the country, the next stop is the rest of the Middle East. For the average company, these are just idle dreams. But City Sky Maids is no average company. With an experienced team led by management like ours, these dreams are nothing if not achievable.