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City Sky Maid Services LLC. | House Boys & Maids

We provide a full range of home cleaning services that are easily customized for each customer accordingly and believe in providing nothing less than complete professionalism every step of the way. Our services are accessible to clients living across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We provide services on hourly basis 40 AED per hour for female cleaners and 25 AED per hour for male cleaners. If any extra cleaning items are to be provided by the company then 5 AED extra will be charged for each hour. We provide services from Saturday to Thursday at particular shift timings.

Our promise to you is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the work call us within 15 minutes and we will take back our staff and there will be no payments to be done. If you away from home and not satisfied with our work we executed, please call us within 24 hours time and we will re-clean it at no additional cost.

General Cleaning

Living Room

  1. Dusting All The Area
  2. Dusting & Clean all the switches
  3. Dusting all the photo frames on wall
  4. Dusting & Hovering the sofas
  5. Dusting & Cleaning T.V & other rack
  6. Dusting & Cleaning Shelves
  7. Cleaning & Polishing Furniture & Tables
  8. Wiping the window
  9. Hovering the rug, Carpets & Floor
  10. Moving & Hovering under Rugs sofas ect…
  11. Watering the plants if any
  12. Moping the floor
  13. Empty the dustbin
  14. Replace the things at same.

Bed Room

  1. Changing the Bed Sheet, Pillow case if Customer suggest
  2. Arranging the Bed
  3. Dusting the Stands
  4. Cleaning around the cot
  5. Dusting the photo frames
  6. Wiping the Window
  7. Arranging the Cloths in the wardrobe if necessary
  8. Vaccuming or Broome all the place
  9. Polishing or wiping the doors
  10. Dusting the curtains (Only Applicable for steel curtain)
  11. Moping the Floor
  12. Empty the dust pin
  13. Replace all the things at same.


  1. Wipe the Mirror
  2. Wash and dry Bath Tub/ Washing the walls near bath tub (If necessary can do other area
  3. Brushing the Toilet Bowl
  4. Dusting shelves
  5. Dusting & Cleaning all cosmetic items
  6. Changing the Towels (If necessary)
  7. Replace Toilet Tissue
  8. Wash and dry wash basin
  9. Washing or Moping the Floors
  10. Cleaning the wall Tiles near the bath tub area only (If necessary can do all the area)
  11. Empty the Dust bin
  12. Replace all the items as same


  1. Wash & Dry Dishes
  2. Empty the dishwasher
  3. Cleaning the toaster
  4. Clean & Dry the stove
  5. Clean the coffee maker
  6. Clean in & Out side of the Fridge
  7. Throw away spoil items if Customer suggest
  8. Dusting and cleaning cupboards in & Out
  9. Arranging the items in the cupboards perfectly
  10. Dusting & Cleaning Kitchen counter
  11. Empty dust bin
  12. Cleaning & Wiping at the back and bottom of stove
  13. Cleaning ventilation Air filter
  14. Placing all the dishes, Spoons, etc at where they has to go
  15. Wash & Dry the Sink
  16. Sweep Or Hovering the floor
  17. Wipe the Window
  18. Moping the Floor
  19. Empty the Dust Pin
  20. Replace all the things at same

Balcony & Window Cleaning

  1. Dusting all the area
  2. Cleaning handle of the balcony
  3. Hovering or Sweep the floor
  4. Wiping the windows
  5. Cleaning in, out & under the window frame
  6. Water the plants/ Removing the dry leaves from the plants
  7. Cleaning the plants if necessary
  8. Washing or moping the floor
  9. Replace all the things at same

Balcony & Window Cleaning

  1. Sweep all the Out side area.
  2. Cleaning the table etc.
  3. Cleaning the grill.
  4. Empty the dust bin.
  5. Moping the steps.
  6. Washing the floor if necessary.


  1. Folding non Iron Clothes
  2. Ironing & Folding the foldable clothes
  3. Ironing & Hanging the Hang able clothes


  1. Hand Washing or Machine washing.
  2. Separating the colored clothes/ White clothes for washing.
  3. Hanging or arranging the cloths from the dryer Machine after wash.
  4. Cleaning the outer parts of washing machine.
  5. Cleaning the washing machine filter if any.
  6. Cleaning the dryer filter if necessary.

Cleaning Items

Even though our staffs are excellent, cleaning will be not made without proper cleaning items for Best result we recommend following these cleaning items. Your regular cleaner will inform you if your supplies are running low.

Important Cleaning Items
  1. Vacuum Cleaner (If no Vacuum then Brush & Dust Pan).
  2. Cream Liquid (Jif, Co-op).
  3. Sponge.
  4. Kitchen Towel (or) cleaning Towel.
  5. Mob & Mob Bucket.
  6. Bleach (Clorox) (or) Toilet cleaner.
  7. Floor Cleaner or All Purpose Cleaner.
  8. Soap Liquid.

Can be done without these items but much better if having.

  1. Toilet Cleaner (Harpic)
  2. Window Cleaner
  3. Brush
  4. Dust Pan, Brush Small
  5. Furniture Polish
  6. Rubber Gloves
  7. Flour Wiper
  8. Rubbish Bags
  9. Scrubbers
  10. Kitchen Paper

* Please note that this is a standard list of cleaning supplies. Some cleaning services may require additional products.

Each staff is personally hand-picked and trained. Staffs are not send for less than two months of training. We have a supervisor for training and on successful completeion of the training the staff is provided with with a Quality Supervisor certificate . No staff without the certificate will be send for service. This practise enables us to provide the best service for our valuable customers.

All our staffs are trust worthy and honest. You can be assured that your premises will be treated with absolute care and professionalism. The company will take full responsibility to ensure the same.

Baby Sitting

  1. Our Staffs are Good baby sitter but not a Nanny.
  2. Amusing the Baby
  3. Feeding the Food, Medications according to your order
  4. Changing the Napkin whenever needed
  5. Take full care of the Child
  6. Narrating intresting stories to the Child

Pet Care

  1. Walk with the Pet
  2. Clean the litter tray
  3. Feeding
  4. Giving medication if any
  5. Washing the food tray
  6. Changing the water
  7. General cleaning where the pets live

Party Help

  1. Helping for the Party
  2. Assisting
  3. Cleaning the Mess
  4. Will work up on your suggestion

Commercial Cleaning

  1. Hospital Clinic
  2. Park Cleaning
  3. Hospital Cleaning
  4. School Cleaning
  5. New Building Cleaning
  6. Commercial Building / Shopping Mall
  7. Machinery Cleaning
  8. Carpet & Sofa Shampooing